Thursday, May 28, 2015

What I LOVE Now....Summer 2015

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016
woo hoo

important & beautiful little life

Amal Clooney at the Tokyo premier of Tomorrowland
gown by John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela
is simply exquisite on her.


I've loved this for awhile now


SPLENDEROSA SAYS:I love this because it’s not perfect, the jars are too large for the table & the mirror, the blue flowers are too big for the vase, the orange lamp shade does not exactly fit in, however, the entire thing is a piece of art.  Don’t you think?  It would take an eclectic person to create this vignette and not be frightened that someone would disapprove.

I love this because it’s not perfect, 
the jars are too large for the table & the mirror, the blue flowers are too big for the vase, 
the orange lamp shade does not exactly fit in, however, 
the entire thing is a piece of art.
  Don’t you think?  
It would take an eclectic person to create this vignette
 and not be frightened that someone would disapprove.

& finally this one.....
wishing, hoping, dreaming

what do you LOVE right now?


Houston, The OIL Business & Shopping

the SUN is shining just like this today !!

most outsiders don't realize just how pretty Houston is.
we are SO green, beautiful trees everywhere,
the residential areas are some of the most beautiful in our country.

& the city itself, though spread out like Los Angeles, with many
different city "centers" is beautiful and CLEAN.

view of downtown Houston, shot from the West toward the East,
the green area is Allen Parkway with a tiny glimpse of Buffalo Bayou in
the right center foreground,
photo below is more close-up of the bayou

the bayou feeds into the Houston Ship Channel which is WAY East of downtown,
it's so far East I think I've only been there a couple of times in my entire life,
but we know it's there and it's the 3rd largest port in the USA, it's unique because
it's 50 miles INLAND from Galveston Bay.
that's right...some austute business men saw the possibilities almost 100 years ago,
and it was created by them.

one part of our famous Galleria Shopping Mall
the 7th largest in the US
Neiman's on one end, Sak's on the other,
2 hotels, 100's of designer shops.  if one can't find it here you don't need it.
it is not a destination us Houstonians love to go, unless it's to my beloved Sak's or to N-M,
which both have valet parking for the shoppers.
however, it's a mecca for international travellers, especially those extremely wealthy Mexicans who make pilgramiges to Houston, mostly for the Medical Center, but also for the shopping.


while working in the little couture boutique yesterday, the owner happened in to give us some
new merchandise and for a little chit-chat.  he is one of the most charismatic humans I've ever seen.
born in S. Africa of English parents, he's a world traveller and a true merchant.
in the store shopping were 2 lovely women, best friends.
one visiting from Kentucky and the other from Scotland but who lives in Houston.

the owner of our shops was discussing the economy with all of us,
and sort of pontificating his views of "why" retail is down a bit.
I had previously asked the Scottish lady in what area of the OIL BUSINESS her husband worked...
he is a senior executive with BP and in charge of worldwide development.
it seems, VERY SENIOR.

eventually, I thought another opinion should be voiced and I asked her what her husband
thought about oil prices. 
she said, "they are not letting anyone go."
they don't want to lose their good people.
if necessary, they are reassigning them but definitely not losing them.

ALL the majors think this is a 2-year cycle, she said.

they will wait it out.

so the hypothesis is this:
none of the salaries have gone down, no one has been laid off, etc.
only stock prices are down.
& maybe some of the oilfield workers have been furloughed, maybe.

so the incomes of the Houston people hasn't changed.
that is a fact, because we all know that the wives of the executives know as much as the executives themselves, don't we, ladies?


OMG, is this the perfect display?Yep, it is !says Splenderosa

of course, with graduations, weddings, wedding showers, wedding parties
we have many women who come in and say, "we're been invited to attend
8 weddings, 3 of them destination weddings, and I NEED TO SHOP."

of course, there will be some of the same people at each event.
that's just life, isn't it?

an August wedding in Mississippi, black-tie, outside. 
what does one wear to that is a question I've been asked.

yesterday, we had shoppers with travel plans, holidays, events, etc.
& let me tell you...
not one of them seemed concerned with a budget.

now, to explain, the shop where I work part-time, has nothing over $600 for the most part.
so we are not speaking of true "designer" apparel.  you know what I mean.

but with collage-aged daughters also going to these functions it is expensive
to attire 2-3 women/girls.

but, it's fun for them,
and, know what?
it's FUN for me!
I feel like I haven't lost my edge.  I'm back !!

thank you to everyone who left prayers for our flood plight.
I am OK, the elevators are still out in our building, but compared to other's 
troubles this seems insignificant.



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Art of Summer Entertaining + The Texas FLOODING

or maybe, the ART of "tabletop"

Shop New Arrivals

tabletop from Oscar de la Renta

as most of us know, the "art" of entertaining begins with the host or hostess thinking through
the entire experience long before the 1st guest arrives.

& once the "experience" has been conceived & made possible mentally,
it's the guest list...actually it's the most important part, isn't it?

I know, I know, when we have family celebrations the guest list is somewhat fixed,
but even then it's nice to add an extra or two just to mix things up.

for me, the most fun is having friends; most of whom know each other.
but I always try to add someone new who is very interesting, who has a lot to say
(intelligent things, that is), and can keep the conversation going.

it's a bittersweet moment for me when the party's over.

we know we did a good job, the guests had lots of fun, the wines were excellent,
and everyone ate their dessert.

but, like everything else, when it's wonderful we hate for it to end.

what's your favorite kind of entertaining?
do you do any during summer?

NOTE:  Houston has experienced some hideous flooding overnight.
as you know, I now live in a high rise.
last night a neighbor came around knocking on doors telling people to move the cars
out of the garage as IT WAS FLOODING !!
the garage is underground.

of course, the elevators were out because water was in the parking garage
elevator shafts.

down the stairs I went, running.
waded through about 12-18" of rain water to my car, which already had water
3/4 of the way over the tires.
luckily, I got it moved out in time, as did most people.
but, there were plenty of cars still in there as there are residents who travel all the time.

today, everyone (the workmen) are standing around trying to decide how to tackle this.
they're going to have to PUMP the water out.

electricity is out all over the city,
life has come to a stand-still until the water recedes.

once again it comes to me that life in Kentucky would be very good.
I've often thought that Kentucky is the only state which doesn't suffer
natural disasters !

I've been watching CNN most of the day because their coverage of what happened
in Texas is better than our local news (because they cover LOCAL news).

the worst of the storm seems to have been the rivers flooding in our hill country,
a dam broke and the waters simply washed away many homes.
washed them off their foundations!
there are many families who have suffered tragic losses of family members.

please pray for them.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day on Boston Common
photo by David Fuller


Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Call...

Miss Dovey
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white cotton canvas clutch

"Chelsea" Side View showing Leather Top Handlec

All Below
$ 135

Genuine Italian Leather Handbags

all of these are in-stock ready to ship,
although the numbers are very limited.

the price is a bit higher because of the shipping costs from our international manufacturer

these 4 DO NOT have the leather top handle, only the chain



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How To Wear Lace This Season....

from Bergdorf-Goodman
& YOU know THEY know.
go HERE to see the entire story of lace.



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jane Fonda Cover for W

photographed by Steven Meisel
for the June/July issue

I've seen her recently on the talk show circuit promoting her new movie with Lilly Tomlin.

she is amazingly beautiful & intelligent,
and very thin.

Jane Fonda

Monday, May 18, 2015

1 Maxi Skirt = Many Looks

goodness, Tish has been having quite a conversation about dressy vs. casual
 going on over at her place...

in my professional opinion, a woman can look wonderful both ways,
& I give you this creation made in Polyvore as an example.

on the left is the dressy way, with 2 beautiful jacket options,
a silk blazer, and an Oscar sweater jacket which stops at the waist.
either can be worn over the peplum blouse.
add the long long silk scarf for more drama, or for a little wrap.
gladiator sandals, the pink/turquoise earrings are perfect.
the draw-string bag & the bag which you've seen many times here at Splenderosa.

Everyday Anywhere by splenderosa on Polyvore featuring Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste, River Island, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Dolce Vita, Converse, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé

on the right, you will see 2 different cotton sweaters 1 cropped and 1 a long pull-over with polka dots, the casual big straw bag, high-top tennies, 
and a multi-colored sandal which would make the outfit pop. 
 I love high=top tennies, my favs being white with rhinestones, of course.

now, tell me, would you wear this?

it could go from grocery, to doctor appointments, to lunch, errands, to dinner,

please let me know what you think,
(& if you're petite & don't think you can wear maxi's, please think again.
take them up from the waist, leaving the hem undisturbed, it's easy.


below is an email I just received from one of the lovely ladies who purchased
the BLACK handbag like the turquoise one above:

Good afternoon from Paris, Marsha!

Just a quick note to let you know that my black cross-body bag arrived about a week before we left for Paris and I have been using it every day since we arrived.  It is absolutely perfect and I have received several compliments on it from women that I have never met before!  As you know, there are shops and stores with beautiful bags on nearly every block of this magnificent city and I feel like I fit right in!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Have a wonderful Monday.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

Northern California

half-dome in Yosemite National Park
photography perfection, in my opinion

Big Sur, California
from mattidge photo 

for my readers in other countries:
Big Sur is a 90-mile stretch of mostly isolated, pristine natural beauty,
a 5-hour drive N from Los Angeles,
protected from development by the state & national laws, thankfully.

Yosemite National Park is also in Northern California, but toward the center of the
state, not on the coast.  the sheer beauty of this spectacular park takes your breath away as beyond
each step is another vista even more wonderful.
I am so happy I was able to spend time in both these places when my son was young
as I know I couldn't do the trek it requires nowadays.

like all countries, America has some amazing natural beauty which all it's citizens need to appreciate up close & personal.

what's your favorite place?
your favorite view?
ocean or mountains?