Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newest Genuine Leather Bags in the Splenderosa Shop

Cute and sexy Leather Women Handbag Hobo

just received the sample of this handbag and it passes inspection by Marsha,

it's a small/medium sized bag
with a chain strap which can be removed, and a leather strap goes across
the top brass loops for a little top handle look.

9" x 4" x 10"

in 4 colors

believe it or not we will be selling them for 

$135 each

to the readers of my blog

let us know via email which one you would like to


it is larger than one would think, has side pockets, one for cell phone

we have the black/red one (& ONLY 1) already in the studio,
it's going to be in a photo shoot 


Monday, January 26, 2015


while the East coast is having blizzard conditions
I thought I should show you where I'm working part-time...


windows showing all Spring from MILLY

a mannequin standing outside our front door, which is open if weather permits,
the neighborhood is kind of like The Hamptons in feel and is very near the
Rice University campus

close-up of the mannequin's jewelry

2 different tassel necklaces, which are SO big right now.

3 necklaces

the one with the little tassels is 1 piece,
then each large stone pendant is a separate necklace,
I really like those.

we are doing a professional photo shoot on Wednesday in one of the shops,
I will be doing all the styling using SOHO COUTURE apparel

of course, my son (the professional) is doing a model's portfolio and we managed to tie all this together.

to all my friends in the East I wish you well,
stay inside along with your pets,
and have movies & popcorn.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Little Bit of New(s)

I really love these little clustered arrangements,
just so refreshing it seems.

they make a huge centerpiece seem, somehow, out of style, don't they?


blooms Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

my daughter received very good news from her doctor's appointment today, thankfully.
she doesn't need additional surgery, albeit minor,
so all is well with them and with me.

please, my clients, forgive my tardiness in shipping your orders;
sometimes family must take precedence, and I actually have NO ONE
who can fill my shoes if I'm out of town.

I would be afraid orders would be confused and the person who ordered the pasta
would get cheesecake, you know?


on another note entirely,
I am really disappointed that anyone would say
The New England Patriots
did not win the game fair & square.

under-inflated balls?
7-45 the final score.

the TEAM won because THEY play great football,
just like they have for years.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hi everyone, I'm in Austin spending some very quiet time with my daughter & her family.
She had some minor surgery, all is well, but she cannot lift her 18-month old son for awhile.
Her husband, who is the most wonderful man I've ever met,
has been taking care of her as best he can, however, there
are some times when one needs one's mommy.
I am so happy to be able to spend time with them.
I will be back soon.
Take good care of the blogging world while I'm away.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Baubles, Beads, Scarfs = Accessory Show

we've come across a really lovely group of drusy jewelry
all at fabulous prices

come take a look 

White Gold Wrapped Earrings, .08"
Item #1

item 2
necklace 18" gold wrapped white drusy

item #3
18" double chain necklace with natural stones

 item #4
18" necklace with pearls & drusy pendant

item #5
semi-precious stones, 28" long

item #6
Wire-Wrapped Natural Stone on 30" Cord

item #7
Water Color Pink Long Scarf
Sheer Poly 34" X 70"

also comes in shades of BLUE
 (no photo available)
the blue is just as beautiful, tones from dark indigo, purple, light blues with a dash
of pink.

 $ 39

item # 8
60" long semi-precious/silver necklace rope, small beads


item #9
60" rope necklace, turquoise/silver, large beads


all this merchandise is on order, 
along with many many other pieces and/or styles.

as we are a small business we can only order a limited number of pieces of each style.

these prices are for my readers only, once they go up on the website the price will increase
as I must pay the person who spends time uploading, describing, and linking it all to PayPal,
a very tedious job requiring hours of time for someone in the studio.

so, my dear friends,

if you fancy one of these pieces, please email us at


tell us which pieces and we will send you a PayPal invoice,
& the moment the merchandise arrives, even before it goes on our website,
yours will be shipped to you.
& now another preview of what we are making in our studio,
all semi-precious stones
☆   ioLA  (vía Pinterest)



Thursday, January 15, 2015

the way we were, #1

American Vogue, edition of April 15, 1963.
The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed with her husband Mel Ferrer 
(actor and director) 
by Bert Stern for Vogue in New York (USA), on March 15, 1963.
Audrey was wearing:
  • Evening gownGivenchy (of pink tulle with an inner layer of embroidery in pearls, paillettes, sequins, crystals pink and silver, and a dramatic tulle veil, of his haute couture collection for the Spring of 1963).
Note:  Audrey’s hairstyle was created and done by Alexandre de Paris.


with this post begins a new series which I'm calling

"the way we were"

a retrospective of times past, people we all know, things we all will remember
I hope you will enjoy this bit of nostalgia.

also, thank all of the many many many of you who read our
By Invitation Only 

what a great topic we had this month,
& what a lot of fun we had with all the comments.



Monday, January 12, 2015


International Blog Party

 welcome, everyone, to the first
post of 2015

& do we have a doozy for you to read and think about.

Coty of Coty Farquhar Styling in Australia 
is the author of this topic.


BARTERING ???? !!!!!

didn't that go out of style a long long long time ago?

well, never fear, each one of us is supposed to come up with "something"
we could barter.

well, all of you know that the image below is the real me:


Marchesa pre-fall 2015

& this

or this


We are “Head Over Heels” this #ShoeTuesday for these @aminahjillil bejeweled heels. #regramLove @munaluchibride @aminahjillil #aminahjillil #bejeweledshoes #TuesdayShoeDay #weddingShoes

I hardly ever cook, I now live in a high-rise so gardening is out too,
I probably cannot teach anyone anything except the samba or tango,
I can't bust broncos, keep bees, ride a tractor, skydive,
and I've given up downhill skiing, target practice, bow & arrow bullseye challenges & sailing

Coty mentioned to me that we might have to even consider giving up electricity !!!!!
I asked her to please allow this otherwise I would have no way to do my hair.

so you see, there is really only one thing left that must be undertaken,


cheers to 2015
to the amazing group of women who are our membership of the
international blog group called


please check in with the others, who are shown below on the link-up


BEAUTY: Get Ready for Rose !!

are you moved by a beautiful scent?
I know I am.
and, seriously, there is nothing more beautiful than a rose scent, is there?

there isn't one day I go without fragrance,
and I'm always complimented about this.

so with the New Year well under way I thought you guys might like to see a collection of beautifully scented ROSE products.

& just for fun I'm sending one of you the Aerin Lip Conditioner,
just because you read my blog.

 A modern and free-spirited interpretation of rose,
 Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose is unmistakably feminine.
 Damascena roses from Bulgaria and Centifolia roses from Grasse 
make this powdery floral a truly decadent experience.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner
 Indulge your senses with the warmth of Turkish rose and spicy ginger.
$40 Bergdorf's

This rose-based oil is a master at multitasking. With a single drop, it soothes parched skin, softens lips, conditions hair, tames flyaways, and treats cracked cuticles. We love Laura Mercier Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil on its on, but it also pairs really well with your favorite face cream.

 Made with one of the world’s rarest roses from Grasse, France, this ultra hydrating moisturizer is formulated to boost skin’s reparative properties and impart a dewy, youthful glow of health. 
Dry body oils are all the rage and for good reason — these rich oil blends nourish skin more effectively than traditional lotions and creams. The combination of Damask rose, smoky oud wood, clove and the sweet touch of praline make this dry oil especially delightful.
 Defy gravity with the power of rose. This rose-infused lifting serum also incorporates Sea Mayweed to relax expression lines, Wheat Polysaccharide to tighten, collagen boosters to improve skin’s vitality and Ruby Crystal to blur surface lines and imperfections


& please tell all of us which rose product you use and love,
we all need to know this, so share away.

happy Monday, ladies !!!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Really Good Message


"I’m not sure whether I’m a dog who models or a model who’s a dog."
There’s still time left to vote for Menswear Dog for CW’s First #WorldDogAwards at cwtv.com/world-dog-awards/ 

mensweardog: (tumblr)
"I’m not sure whether I’m a dog who models or a model who’s a dog."

There’s still time left to vote for Menswear Dog for CW’s First #WorldDogAwards at 

category: most pawpular 

I am a true believer of the message.  And, don't you feel better, think sharper, have more
confidence, when you take the time to dress?

I know I do.